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Friday, June 13, 2008

Voters: unqualified decision makers

The biggest defect of democracy is that anyone can vote.

Sounds scary, but only if you think like a cow in a herd. In the working (non-government) world, no one pays for advice from unqualified people. We seek out experts, those who are familiar with our situation or problem. To do otherwise would be seen as misguided and ridiculous. Yet when it comes to assessing the country/province/state's situation, we let morons and the politically ignorant help make the decision. Why then not let our pets vote? If a person who knows nothing about the issues gets to make a decision about it, how does that make for good results?

If common sense finally trumped our "one caveman, one vote" approach, we would at the very least require that every voter could correctly answer some basic questions about the issues in their election.

If you know nothing about the issues, your vote is less than worthless, because you in your ignorance may vote for the worst candidate. Everyone knows that our politicians pander to ignorance; that's why governments tend to be far less helpful than they could be and far more intrusive and meddlesome than they ought to be.

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