Our freedoms and security, fought and died for by Canadians and their allies, are under attack. The biggest threats to our freedom are too much government, the eco-lobby, and censors posing as human rights commissions. Our biggest security threat is Islam.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Canada's Jackass Prime Minister

Our boy-man prime minister Justin Trudeau recently praised the life of the brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Ignoring the thousands of Cubans murdered, tortured, or jailed by Castro, the boy-man displayed the kind of admiration one would bestow on an old friend.

Obviously he was shaped by the views of his radical left wing father Pierre, who simply adored Castro. The useful idiot nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Gentle, compassionate Islam

Immoral Liar Hillary Clinton

The Democrats are desperate. They have nothing positive to sell about their candidate, so they are focusing on dredging up old comments by Trump in an effort to stoke the emotions of low information voters. If low info voters knew more, they'd be repulsed by Clinton.

Now it turns out that the Democrats had a plan to smear Bernie Sanders as a "sexist" if necessary. Yes, that's what America needs; a president that has lied and broken laws and has nothing to offer beyond schoolyard attacks on her opponents.


Monday, February 29, 2016

Canadian Braveheart

When Mark Steyn was introduced to the Australian Parliament on Feb/22/2016 the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop called him "Our Canadian Braveheart"

As the author of America Alone, Steyn has led the fight to open our eyes to the real threat to our lives and security today. Not global warming, not common crime, not pollution. 

Not anything but Islam.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Obama: blind and beholden to Islam

Obama can't bring himself to state the obvious: Islam is THE major threat to safety and security in the entire world. Daniel Greenfield explains in a Feb 3, 2016 article (see link below).

Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter on the Rails in Canada

A train after a week of snow in Canada (via ViralHog)Un tren después de una semana de nieve en Canadá ViralMega.com
Posted by Viral Mega on Monday, January 4, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to find old bookmarks more easily in Chrome

I hope I'm not the last one to learn this little Chrome bookmark tidbit. Otherwise trés embarrassing.

I have a lot of bookmarks. I use them liberally as I surf since they can be a great timesaver and memory aid later. A problem for me has always been finding them a while after I added them. It might be your problem too, especially if you've collected a few like I have.

Normally, if you look at your bookmarks in the Chrome Bookmark Manager they show by date added; when you have 5 or 10 it's easy to scan the list. When you get to 50 or more, and they're listed by the date you added them, the difficulty of finding your target gets magnified. No one can remember the exact order they created all their bookmarks. If you've had the computer for more than a month the list can be eye-straining to search, because it isn't alphabetically sorted.

So tonight I'm doing just that, looking for a name in the bookmark drop down, and getting mightily peeved. I open Bookmark Manager once again (with its date-added sorting). Then somehow, tonight, I notice the Organize header above my bookmark list (it's not very noticeable imho!). I click on it, and lo and behold, the drop-down answer to my prayer. Third from the bottom it says Reorder by Title.

Once you select that you can go back to your bookmarks list (now alphabetically sorted) and quickly find the one you need.

Note: This is for Chrome only. If you use Firefox, it has a spreadsheet style bookmark list which lets you click on a column to sort them by the name. Safari in OS 10.6.8 doesn't have sorting by name that I can see. As a Mac user since 1987 I'm disappointed. I also find it sad that I had to switch to Chrome because it out-performs Safari on my 2007 iMac.