Our freedoms and security, fought and died for by Canadians and their allies, are under attack. The biggest threats to our freedom are too much government, the eco-lobby, and censors posing as human rights commissions. Our biggest security threat is Islam.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Knights Templar Images: Crusaders who liberated the Holy Land from Islam

For the benefit of future commenters here's the graphic explaining the actual sequence of events that prompted Europeans to launch a crusade to liberate the holy land from Islam.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Acid Throwing: Another Feature of Islam

Fakhra Younus, a victim of Islamic acid-throwing, recently committed suicide. This poor Pakistani woman had her identity taken away by the sub-human that is her ex husband. He was taught by Islam that it was ok to throw acid in the face of  your ex wife.

She did it to protest Pakistan's complete lack of respect for and protection of women.


Her nose was almost completely melted and she has since undergone 39 separate surgical procedures to repair her disfigured face over the past decade. The horrific attack also burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and melted her breasts.

Her ex husband Bilal Khar was arrested in 2002 and charged with attempted murder following the attack, only to be released on bail after five months.

More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, according to The Aurat Foundation, a women's rights organization.

Islam's heart is a collection of racist, sexist, and murderous beliefs, and Pakistan is the most barbaric and useless country on earth.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wife beating, a feature of Islam since 1280

Liberals, please get your heads out of your asses about Islam once and for all:

What about this story about a book that seriously discusses wife beating and abuse? Sold by muslims in a Toronto muslim book store, and conveniently available at eBay and Islamic websites:

"A Gift For Muslim Couple"

In the book’s opening pages, it is written that “it might be necessary to restrain her with strength or even to threaten her.”

Then this gem later:

“the husband should treat the wife with kindness and love, even if she tends to be stupid and slow sometimes.”

Oh, but none of it is true!!! Muslims say so! They adore their women! They're the Religion of Peace® after all!

It's another example of how, deep down, and on the "street" Muslims STILL aren't getting it — that their abhorrent practices and abusive treatment of women are not acceptable here. They all need to attend re-education classes before we let them in. Liberals, democrats, and the rest of the not-so-intelligentsia need to admit that wife beating and general abuse of women is a mainstream feature of Islam, not the fringe behaviour they keep saying it is.

Canadian author Tarek Fatah said this:

"I wouldn’t say it’s hate, but it is inciting men to hit women," he told the Toronto Sun. "This is new to you, but the Muslim community knows that this is widespread, that a woman can be beaten. Muslim leaders will deny this, but..."

Remember Aqsa Parvez of Brampton? How about the Shafia family that murdered four women?

The man who found the book that started this story said this:

"At first, I thought that it is incredible that this kind of thing can be found in Canada,” said (Eric) Brazau. “And then I thought, radical Islam is not coming to Canada, it is already here.”

Apparently it's based on writings from a wife-beating Muslim born in 1280, so it's not like this is some one-off, "loose cannon" type Muslim. "Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi was born in 1280 A.H. in the village of Thana Bowan."

Muslims have been reading and following crap like this for hundreds of years:

The Toronto Sun story:

Here's a story at Britain's Daily Mail quoting the Toronto Sun:

An Islamic website sells the book here:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lifting the Veil

Niqābs, burqas, head scarves; call them what you will, the very fact that they exist outside of Muslim countries is a cause for concern. The problem with the religious justification for wearing head scarves is that it effectively gives a person licence to obscure their identity without having to justify the concealment. There have been documented cases from the UK and Australia of wanted criminals – even terrorists – using Muslim head scarves to hide from the police officers searching for them.


The Justification

Like many issues we face as a society, the cause of this legal grey area is the interpretation of Islamic religious principles. A significant part of Islamic teachings are to do with what is known as “hajib,” or the requirement to dress while taking into account a specifically defined sense of modesty in your appearance.

Contrary to popular belief however, there is no specific passage in the Qur’an that explicitly stipulates that women must wear a head scarf. This has been officially stated by the spokesperson for the Muslim Canadian Congress, Farzana Hassan, who also explained that it was a practice rooted in pre-Islamic Middle Eastern culture. In other words, people use religious faith to justify an exploitable mode of dress from the 5th Century. In addition to this, the definition of hajib also makes a passing and matter-of-fact reference to slaves, further calling into question its relevance in the modern world.


Citizenship Requirement

On December 12 2011, the Canadian government issued a ban on wearing any kind of face coverings when people take their oath of citizenship upon being officially sworn in as new Canadians. If the requirement is subsequently refused the prospective citizens may take the oath at another ceremony, but this allowance is only applicable once. The alternative is that they remain as permanent residents rather than full citizens.

Immigration minister Jason Kenney stated that he has received complaints from the citizenship court judges that when a person’s face is covered in such a manner, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not they are actually reciting the oath, or indeed that they are the person in question required to recite it in the first place.

He defended his decision by asserting that “Canadian citizenship is not just about the right to carry a passport and to vote,” and that it is a “public declaration that you are joining the Canadian family and it must be taken freely and openly.”

He also pre-emptively responded to any accusations of religious discrimination by pointing out that Muslim women are not required not to cover their faces when they perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that is the final of the Five Pillars of Islam and a requirement for all Muslims to carry out at least once in their lifetime. If such a holy obligation does not require the concealment of a person’s face, then being unable to do so when reciting a single oath should be trivial in comparison.

British Development

A recent story from England reported that a Muslim woman wearing a niqāb was told to step down from jury service after refusing to remove her veil. The judge presiding over the trial – in which the defendant was standing accused of attempted murder – considered that being able to clearly see the facial expressions of the jury would be important in ensuring their impartiality. Since the woman stated that she would prefer not to remove her veil if possible, she was asked to step down.

The UK’s Judicial Studies Board states that requiring a woman to remove her veil could have "significant impact on that woman’s sense of dignity," and could serve to "exclude and marginalise” her. Their thoughts on whether or not those very same issues are also applicable against the requirement to wear a veil in the first place are not commented on. 

It follows a related incident a few years ago when a woman serving on the jury of a murder trial was caught listening to an MP3 player under her head scarf.


French Law

In France the views on Islamic dress are way ahead of the rest of the world.

In 2004 a law was passed that expressly forbids the wearing of any “conspicuous religious symbol” in its schools, including head scarves. The law was introduced as part of laïcité, the requirement of state and religion to remain separate from one another.

The law has progressed over time and it is now illegal to wear a burqa in public anywhere in France, and anyone caught doing so faces a fine of €150. If a man forces his wife to wear a burqa in public, the fine can be as much as €30,000, in addition to up to a year in prison.


Kate Westheart is a strong believer in freedom and has spent many of her five years as a freelance writer in England covering these morally challenging topics. She also champions many causes including helping addicts find a drug addiction treatment center.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mass Murder in Syria, with the approval of China, Russia, and Western liberals

A French doctor named Jacques Beres, who smuggled himself into Syria, says what he saw was "mass murder. It's totally unfair. It's unjustifiable."

The story also quotes a woman who'd been imprisoned and tortured, and she said there were no foreigners or terrorists fighting the government in Syria. 20 year old Hadeel Kouki also said there were nearly 10,000 dead now. People killed by their own government. And still the Chinese and the Russians defend Assad's butchery against his own people.

Fuck those commie bastards and the spineless westerners who call themselves liberals. The UN and other assorted moochers would rather ignore the problem than get tough. These people have no morals. It's impossible for them to oppose true tyranny. Instead, they stick to criticizing their own countries.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fatal flaw in nude body scanners

A blogger, Jonathan Corbett, has demonstrated how metal objects can be carried through those demeaning full body scanners they have at airports. They don't find metallic objects like the old metal detectors did. They simply see them as black images against your pasty white nude body. However, if the object is hanging beside your body, the scanners will not pick it up because the background of the body scan is completely black (see sample scan below).

Corbett just sewed a pocket to the side of his shirt and carried a metal cigarette-type case through the scanner at two different airports. The cases would have been detected immediately by the old metal detectors.

The spokesmoron for the TSA said that it was "a crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures".

Pardon? Allegedly? It worked, you twit! 

Here's Corbett explaining his procedures to fool the body scanners:


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When you support Palestine you're saying "Death to Jews"

Sadly, liberal thought has degenerated intellectually and morally to the point where they now openly support those who advocate genocide. Yes, today's brave liberal thinker is a water carrier for the most openly hateful group of people on the earth today, Muslims.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop apologizing and start carpet bombing

Tonight I read a story about the Pakistanis finding two English language Bibles in Obama's hideout in Abbottabad just before demolition began. They had apparently been using them for secret planning, as they had been defaced with highlights and folded over pages. And of course we who have some degree of connection to the Bible will now grab our explosives and attack a mosque do nothing about this insult.


Then I read the latest about the groveling apologies from Obama and their generals for the burning of two their books (which were being used to pass planning codes for attacks on US forces). Their so-called Afghan "partners" murder US soldiers in retaliation (six now) and Hussein apologizes?

America is being dismantled, one principle after another, and the activist goons in charge are still worshipped by the sycophantic TV media (Fox/Sun excepted). 

It is obvious to the adult mind that there will always be violent aggression directed our way by Islam, and that no amount of apologizing will make any difference. The only thing that Islam understands is brute force. Peace is not in their stone-age vocabulary. The problem is that liberals do not operate with adult minds.

Jesus said to turn the other cheek; he never said to go back and forth with the cheeks forever.