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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Islam encourages the abuse and murder of women

Islam endorses and promotes the beating and murder of women. What, you say? It's the Religion of Peace®, you say? Hardly, you moralistic twit.

The cruel but fair truth is that years of multicultural claptrap from the left in our media and education systems has rendered millions of intelligent people unable to differentiate their asses from holes in the ground, at least when it comes to the ethics and morality of certain cultures. Thus we have stories appearing more and more frequently in the West about "nice, Moderate Muslims® somehow strangling and beheading their women, with nary a peep from the left and the main stream media.

If you do any reading at all you'll discover that from good old Mohammed on down, abuse and murder of women is in fact a cornerstone of Islam and and a belief of devout Muslims around the world.

The West needs to seriously Wake The Fuck Up, before we allow Muslims to make THEIR barbaric customs OUR way of life.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs catalogues some of the barbarity of Islam toward women here.

More at Jihad Watch.

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