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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Loud Left: Democratic Tax Hypocrisy Exposed

Normal people go about their lives trying to stay ahead of the bills and out of tax court. They pay what the government demands and generally hope it gets spent well. Not so the Loud Left*. These people have Bigger Ideas, and a never ending list of crises that require more taxes . Behind the apparent altruism and "morality" is of course, in the goal of bigger government and more jobs for its engineers of socialism.

This Loud Left preaches incessantly. Relentlessly. About the need for this or that, and how urgent it is that we start/stop doing "X". And since modern media is at least 75% Loud Left, the never ending quest for taxes beats upon us without end. The Loud Left have limitless platforms upon which to raise their "issues".

It's not just politicians in the Loud Left, though. Celebrities of all stripes— actors, musicians, artists all feel the need to abandon the craft they are qualified for and merrily plow right into our lives at every turn, reminding us what louses we'll be if we don't let government grow and grow to feed their pet projects.

So when they finally elect their Manchurian Candidate as President, after all the Hype and Change, what do we see?

Obama's selections for top jobs like Tom Daschle and Timothy Geithner (head of the IRS!!) are caught with serious unpaid taxes. Where's the patriotism now?

It's actually quite simple to explain this conundrum.

To the Loud Left, patriotism means finding the most lucrative ways to increase taxes and expand government. I say lucrative because I mean that many of the Loud Left are untalented people who see this as an easy way to get earn a living without actually working or contributing to the GNP.

Of course the Loud Left Media will let this poor judgment on Obama's part pass. And if ordinary citizens don't hear it on the air or in the paper, they will go on believing that Obama and Friends are still saints.

* (Pat Pend) This group is comprised mostly of: politicians, lawyers, celebrities, journalists, with a few hypocritical super rich types tossed in (see Soros, Branson, Bono)

-Thanks to Jonas Goldberg for his column in the LA Times

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