Our freedoms and security, fought and died for by Canadians and their allies, are under attack. The biggest threats to our freedom are too much government, the eco-lobby, and censors posing as human rights commissions. Our biggest security threat is Islam.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trump's strength gets results

The Chinese are pulling out all the stops to impress Donald Trump, including what they say is unprecedented; a state dinner in the Forbidden City. No foreign leader has been granted this honour since the People's Republic of China was founded 68 years ago.

 “Xi is going to treat Trump almost like an emperor,” Ming Wang, a professor of government and politics at George Mason University, told CNN, arguing that China “will give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy.”

The lesson for the left? You get respect when you are seen to be strong, not weak; weakness and appeasement is all the left has offered voters for the last 20 years, and I hope they keep it up. Why? Trump's election has graphically illustrated that the average voter has finally had enough of the hypocrisy, prevarication, and arrogance that has been the hallmark of the left. If they still refuse to humble themselves before voters after all this, we will not have to suffer under their ineptness and corruption for a long time.