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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holier than us: The Myth of Native Innocence

If you don't read beyond the superficial headlines and classroom stories, you can grow up in Canada thinking that prior to the Europeans, our country was occupied by benign, monk-like societies, each living in perfect harmony with their neighbours. How wrong that is.

Here is a page one (#4) return when I googled "Hurons vs Iroquois", which is one of the better known examples of pre-European, native aggression.


And here are several outtakes, each mentioning the warlike conditions in North America before us "imperialist" white devils arrived.

"In like manner, each of the Huron villages managed its own internal affairs. These villages varied in size, but the larger ones were usually fortified and had populations well over 1,000. Fortification and large size probably resulted from the region's constant warfare, but the densely populated villages and large communal bark-covered longhouses (sometimes 200' long) made the Huron vulnerable to European epidemics. In most ways, the Huron lifestyle closely resembled that of the Iroquois. Beginning around 1100, the Iroquian people in this region began large-scale agriculture. A dramatic increase in population followed which, unfortunately, was accompanied by a similar increase in organized warfare. The Huron diet relied heavily on agriculture (corn at first, with beans, squash, and tobacco added later). It was supplemented by hunting, fishing and gathering. Villages had to be relocated every 20 years or so as the fertility of local soil declined..."

"After fifty years of wandering to escape the Iroquois, the Tionontati constituted the largest single group of the Wyandot..."

"While the Iroquois generally fought with their neighbors, the Huron had good relations with many of theirs through a pattern of trade which extended north through the Ottawa and Nipissing to the Ojibwe at Sault Ste. Marie. The rivalry and warfare which existed between the Huron and Iroquois before the arrival of the French was balanced by extensive trade. However, warfare was pervasive enough that it had caused the rival confederations to group their large, fortified villages into compact areas for mutual support. No borders existed in the European sense, with most of the lands in between the relatively compact areas of occupation either being shared or disputed, depending on the circumstances..."

"Unfortunately for the French and their hopes for the fur trade, the St. Lawrence west of Quebec was a war zone and had been this way for at least 50 years before their arrival. It was a disputed area claimed by the Iroquois, Huron, Algonkin, and Montagnais..."


You can criticize the authenticity of this Google page one hit. The fact is that the Iroquois and other Asians that got here before Europeans did were quite comfortable with killing their neighbours.

The fact also is that when we ignore the censorship taught by our liberal, politically correct media and educators, the people here before the Europeans were just as belligerent and cruel as any population on earth. They have no claim to being without violent chapters in their history. For some reason, though, your average pundit in this field likes to portray Europeans as the first EVER to kill someone else.

It is a truism that some holier-than-thou natives and their apologists in this country make a damn good living pretending that they, our fellow Canadians from Asia, were all smiles and chuckles until Europeans came along. The fact is they were as brutal to their own kind as any culture ever was. Unfortunately for them, Europeans found gunpowder before they did.


Here's a curious bit I found while researching inter-aboriginal/native warfare- what appears to be a legitimate website discussing the relative brain sizes of early North Americans. Hmmm.... what would the reaction be by Canada's bleeding hearts if a white-focused website said this? The thing is that I agree with their right to discuss this. It's very sad to know that if I or another white person said this, we'd be drawn and quartered by our clay-footed intelligentsia, even though we would be right. Sometimes the hypocrisy reeks.


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