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Monday, June 9, 2008

Khurrum Awan: Anti Christ or just Anti Canada?

The story in today's National Post of this Khurrum Awan clown spewing threats toward me and my country got my anger button white hot.

How in God's name (not Allah's) do we tolerate this level of hate for Canada? Pretty ironic that a dickhead whining about his hurt feelings and using our imbecilic human wrongs commissions to do it, then turns around and threatens us! Are threats not a form of hate? Can someone please launch a complaint against this pathetic moron?

I think he's both anti Christianity and anti Canada (to add to his people's anti Semitism, now accepted as "OK" by the left wing media). He has done nothing in this free speech debate except to demonstrate exactly why these commissions are so dangerous. On top of everything else, he's so dimwitted he can't even figure out that he's in hole and digging himself in deeper every time he opens his stupid yapper. Every time this fruitcake speaks now, he reinforces why we distrust him and his people. Instead of being grateful to be in Canada and not the hellhole his parents came from he's biting the hands that feed him.

AND he has completely forgotten 9/11. I have NOT. His people still have WAY more atoning and apologizing to do for that, never mind shooting your mouth off like you own the country.

The Post story starts out "Muslims 'must demand'...". This is Awan's approach to his new country. Demand! How dare he threaten me. I will fight back in self defense, Awan.

Canadians, pretty please wake the f--k up! Awan the tyrant and his friends are a threat to all of you, but especially your children. If he and his fellow thin skinned belligerent, mini dictators can toss us around with stupid left wing hate laws now, imagine how much fun we'll have when they start to outnumber us.

The last part of the Post story quotes Awan as saying:

"It is the first time that the Muslim community has filed a complaint, and suddenly this is a big national issue," he said.

And that's where he'd be dead wrong. Muslims have been a national issue ever since they incinerated 3000 innocent people on 9/11. Time to stfu sock puppet.

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