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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama: What a mistake

I pay attention to US politics because as America goes, so do we, especially economically. If a US presidential candidate comes along who sees government as the best answer to every challenge a country faces, I worry. If they rely on nothing but vacuous platitudes and a smooth voice like Obama, I worry more.

Obama is the Democratic presidential candidate tonight because he's black. Not because he's the best choice, but because the craven Democratic power structure decided that a black nominee was the best bet to retake the White House. They fawned over female (Hillary) for a while, then decided that two Republican victories in a row meant bringing out the heavy artillery. What a plan— after all, if you criticize a black candidate now, you're automatically a racist. Their guy gets guaranteed immunity from criticism because of colour. One thing these tools forgot to think about though, was their manchurian candidate's choice of friends. I still think this will spoil their plans:

How can you go to church for twenty years and NOT know your pastor is a white hating lunatic?

How can you EVER make friends with someone who bombed your government?

How could anyone want the leader of their country to have friends like that?

Oh, his friends don't matter, lefties say. Pay attention to his message, they say. What message? The word 'change' is not a substitute for real policy, of which his blackness has none.

Obama and the rest of the left are offering nothing but empty words and bull poop, served fresh from their never ending compost heap of failed ideals.

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