Our freedoms and security, fought and died for by Canadians and their allies, are under attack. The biggest threats to our freedom are too much government, the eco-lobby, and censors posing as human rights commissions. Our biggest security threat is Islam.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Left Wing Gotcha Journalism

If you were asked, "Should an illegal immigrant who has already violated a deportation order be deported after being caught drunk driving?", what would you say? Most self-respecting, law-abiding people would say "yes." 

Should the deadbeat get a free pass if he's related to an important politician?

It was with great amusement that I read about a classic left-wing gotcha interview with Mitt Romney. The story, as reported by the AP, suggests with its headline that Romney would deport Obama's uncle. ("Romney says he would deport Obama's uncle", mail.com Dec21/11).

You and I both know that he was NOT asked "Would you deport Obama's uncle?"

Of course the "gotcha" headline is all that the rest of the left wing media will report, with hopes of hurting Romney.


Back story: Some Boston radio clown asked Romney if he would deport an illegal immigrant caught drunk driving whose name was Onyango Obama, and Romney answered yes, before he realized who the criminal was related to.

Can anyone imagine the media furor that would have resulted if it had been Romney's uncle, or Gingrich's for that matter? Two faced, thy name is liberal media.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupiers Should be Grateful

Bill Whittle has a TV program called Afterburner: This segment was called "Three and a Half Days", about the Occupiers and his solution to their complaints.

"What we're seeing here, I think, are the self-esteem movement's chickens coming home to roost..."


"These precious snowflakes have been told how wonderful and unique they are their entire lives, and everyone has always come in first place. Only now, they're out in the real world, and the real world keeps score..."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canadian Election 2011

Thanks to a lot of hard work the Conservatives now have the majority they need to squelch morons like anonymous in the comments on my last post below about Sun News TV. People like him definitely need a dose of common sense. Anal or oral, anon, your choice!

What is the craziest of all is the media (which inhabits the far left like anon) falling over themselves to call this a victory for the NDP. Umm, I guess in their loser-world, second place IS like winning. Everybody gets a ribbon in liberal dreamland.

What anon and his ilk don't comprehend yet is that Layton promised (behind English Canada's back) to reopen the constitution and support tougher French language laws, and the socialists and moochers that infest Quebec went for it like hungry carp. Layton's so two-faced he can look behind his back.

This result is going to be fun to watch not only because Layton now has to herd a bunch of screeching cats but he's now the leader of a Quebec rump party, with nearly 60% of his support coming from former separatist supporters. So much for being a party of Canada, Jack. You're the favourite of the separatists, and that's where your popularity begins and ends. (except for the hardcore leftists in downtown Toronto, led by the harpy Margaret Atwood and her ilk).

Suck it up anon and all you other pinkos.

May 4 update:

I heard a good one about Premature-eJackuLayton yesterday. He's going to feel right at home at Stornaway since it's not the first time he's mooched his way into subsidized housing.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sun News TV

Despite the best efforts of the harpies of the Canadian left like the CBC and Margaret Atwood, Canadians finally have a station they can get political news from without it being a pre-chewed stew of left wing statist dogma. It's called Sun News, and the Canadian left is deliciously apoplectic about it.

When the CBC starts putting up blatantly biased surveys that attempt to classify everyone as a liberal, you know that we've hit bottom. Thanks to Sun News, I think we have a chance to cut through the left wing moocher/welfare state thinking that has hamstrung this country for years.

Back in the 1960's Pearson the peacenik decided we were a bunch of wishy washy pacifists that couldn't see right from wrong, much less stand up for the traditions and institutions that have served us so well for almost 150 years. Every liberal politician since, especially but not limited to Trudeau (the anti-christ), has preached bigger and bigger government, only retrenching when it looked like the conservative opposition was making gains.

The commies in the CRTC wouldn't make it a basic cable station (quelle surprise) so many Canadians who get 15 CBC/CTV/Global stations jammed into their receivers won't see it unless they pay more to their TV providers. Still, I think it can only help stem the tide of the big government, big taxes liberal elite propaganda campaign that stifles this country.

Good luck to Sun TV because Canada sure needs a dose of common sense and a cleansing from the pond scum that passes for liberalism these days.

Here's a clip from the Wall Street Journal talking about Sun News:

More Islamic Barbarity

Today, Good Friday, the Syrian government shot and killed 75 of its citizens for daring to protest against the government.

The now well-known savagery of Islam is found in these quotes at mail.com:

"Among the dead were a 70-year-old man and two boys ages 7 and 10, Amnesty International said."

and this gem:

"In other towns, protesters scattered for cover from sniper bullets…"

So what we have here is shoot to kill, guerilla warfare against your own people…courtesy of the Religion of Peace. Add this to the protests against Coptic Christians in Egypt and you've got an adversary, not a friend.

More from Syria the Islamic paradise here:


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Stand With Israel: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck defends Israel against modern liberals.

Modern Liberalism has descended to depths not seen since the middle ages when it comes to not knowing right and wrong. Which I guess makes sense since Islam, a savage, barbaric religion, with its wife murderers, child rapists and terrorists, is now more popular with the left than Israel.

Blows your mind to even think about it. Here's hoping we can rescue ourselves before liberalism snuffs out freedom completely.

Friday, March 11, 2011

80's Nostalgia - Take Me Home Tonight

The new movie Take Me Home Tonight is described as an 80's comedy. This is the video for the movie, featuring Topher Grace (from That 70's Show - ironic?). The group Atomic Tom re-works "Don't You Want Me Baby?".

At YouTube, a comment on the video listed all the movie references:

Say Anything/Dirty Dancing/Ghostbusters/Weird Science/Ghost/Sixteen Candles/ Pee Wee Herman/Karate Kid/ET/Fatal Attraction/Star wars/When Harry Met Sally/ Poltergeist/Top Gun/Splash/Teen Wolf/Back to the Future/Risky Business/Indiana Jones/Ferris Bueler's Day Off/The Shining/Weekend at Bernie's/ Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Predator/Big/Cocktail/Sem­i-Pro?/Flashdance/Nightmare on Elm Street/Freddy vs Jason/Twins/Caddyshack/Termina­tor/???/Little Shop of Horrors Blues Brothers/Breakfast Club

Monday, January 31, 2011

Elisabeth's Voice: Update 1

On Jan 18 the judge surprised everyone by introducing a new charge against Elisabeth, so the defence was forced to ask for an adjournment. The next phase of her inquisition will happen on Feb 15th.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elisabeth's Voice: Fighting for Free Speech in Austria

I wrote about Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff back in October 2010 .  She is fighting for the right to speak the truth without fear of reprisal as it applies to radical Islamists in Europe.

Her trial is January 18. Good luck to her on behalf of all those who struggle to promote free speech.

Thank you to Gates of Vienna for this information.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Islamic Barbarity

"ISLAMABAD (AP) — The governor of Pakistan's most dominant province was shot and killed Tuesday by a bodyguard who authorities said was angry about his opposition to blasphemy laws carrying the death sentence for insulting the Muslim faith. "

He was killed for opposing Islamic laws that allow killing people over hurt feelings. They are insane.


Islamic Woman is Whipped: Torture is Approved by Mohammad

The Wall Street Journal didn't have the balls to say this unfortunate woman was being whipped. Their caption whispers, "punished".

It's mind boggling and just plain old god-awful to think that barbaric cultural practises like this are still around. One female witness (this was in Indonesia last year) is covering her face, a sign of revulsion. Sickening stuff, all thanks to Mohammad.

State sanctioned torture, that's all it is. And it's an integral part of Islamic culture, despite all the taqqiya you hear, greedily swallowed by western dhimmis.

We must wake up our politicians and media and tell them to grow some balls and tell Islamist countries that enough is enough. Either become civilized or we treat you like enemies. And stop supporting or exporting terrorism toward us or we start bombing you.