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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canadian Election 2011

Thanks to a lot of hard work the Conservatives now have the majority they need to squelch morons like anonymous in the comments on my last post below about Sun News TV. People like him definitely need a dose of common sense. Anal or oral, anon, your choice!

What is the craziest of all is the media (which inhabits the far left like anon) falling over themselves to call this a victory for the NDP. Umm, I guess in their loser-world, second place IS like winning. Everybody gets a ribbon in liberal dreamland.

What anon and his ilk don't comprehend yet is that Layton promised (behind English Canada's back) to reopen the constitution and support tougher French language laws, and the socialists and moochers that infest Quebec went for it like hungry carp. Layton's so two-faced he can look behind his back.

This result is going to be fun to watch not only because Layton now has to herd a bunch of screeching cats but he's now the leader of a Quebec rump party, with nearly 60% of his support coming from former separatist supporters. So much for being a party of Canada, Jack. You're the favourite of the separatists, and that's where your popularity begins and ends. (except for the hardcore leftists in downtown Toronto, led by the harpy Margaret Atwood and her ilk).

Suck it up anon and all you other pinkos.

May 4 update:

I heard a good one about Premature-eJackuLayton yesterday. He's going to feel right at home at Stornaway since it's not the first time he's mooched his way into subsidized housing.

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