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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to find old bookmarks more easily in Chrome

I hope I'm not the last one to learn this little Chrome bookmark tidbit. Otherwise trés embarrassing.

I have a lot of bookmarks. I use them liberally as I surf since they can be a great timesaver and memory aid later. A problem for me has always been finding them a while after I added them. It might be your problem too, especially if you've collected a few like I have.

Normally, if you look at your bookmarks in the Chrome Bookmark Manager they show by date added; when you have 5 or 10 it's easy to scan the list. When you get to 50 or more, and they're listed by the date you added them, the difficulty of finding your target gets magnified. No one can remember the exact order they created all their bookmarks. If you've had the computer for more than a month the list can be eye-straining to search, because it isn't alphabetically sorted.

So tonight I'm doing just that, looking for a name in the bookmark drop down, and getting mightily peeved. I open Bookmark Manager once again (with its date-added sorting). Then somehow, tonight, I notice the Organize header above my bookmark list (it's not very noticeable imho!). I click on it, and lo and behold, the drop-down answer to my prayer. Third from the bottom it says Reorder by Title.

Once you select that you can go back to your bookmarks list (now alphabetically sorted) and quickly find the one you need.

Note: This is for Chrome only. If you use Firefox, it has a spreadsheet style bookmark list which lets you click on a column to sort them by the name. Safari in OS 10.6.8 doesn't have sorting by name that I can see. As a Mac user since 1987 I'm disappointed. I also find it sad that I had to switch to Chrome because it out-performs Safari on my 2007 iMac.