Our freedoms and security, fought and died for by Canadians and their allies, are under attack. The biggest threats to our freedom are too much government, the eco-lobby, and censors posing as human rights commissions. Our biggest security threat is Islam.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Animals Controlling Humans

There are thousands of people earning money to worry about animals. Some causes are noble, like vets, sanctuaries and shelters, and others not so much. It's the others we need to cull.

The plain truth is that the "others" include those "humans" that seem to think some snail should be protected against the best interests of the humans in its territory. And now quite a few people are coming out and saying that not only does wildlife trump man every time, we are actually the problem. In their view, we are overburdening Earth by our very existence. It's shocking when you stop to think how far we've gone from God giving man dominion over animals.

The opinion that humans should reduce their numbers is gaining popularity in the generally atheist leftosphere. According to the now radical, soon mainstream left, we are actually an affront to Mother Earth that is despoiling the planet. So here's a tip:

Avoid groups with these words in their names and/or literature: animal, green, welfare, world, club, peace, people, or defense; they all have ulterior motives. They're after your wallet and your freedom, and they need to be shunned. God gave us dominion over the animals and as long as we treat animals humanely we are allowed to hunt them, trap them, raise them, and eat them. For those that can't deal with a "humans first" world view, I suggest a lobotomy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teachers vs the Public

I should be the last one to make fun of teachers. I loved school for the most part. The difference is that I remember teachers, not Teachers.

"Teachers" is of course the 600 lb gorilla of our provincial tax system, otherwise known as the pension plan for Ontario teachers. Partially funded by our taxes, it has morphed into a body that imagines itself to be some sort of grubsteak, pioneering capitalist, instead of the regulation-and-tax-supported protoplasm it has become.

Here's a good illustration of how screwed up our financial markets are, courtesy of CTV.ca, in reporting the Teachers' crass, grasping leveraged buyout of BCE:

"Bay Street players believe the troubled buyout of BCE Inc. could be salvaged in a restructured deal"

Players??? Is dealing in the stock price of a business that provides one of the necessities of life now a sport, "played" by our teachers?

Our financial markets are messed up. They have been perverted from their original aims so long ago no one can even remember that stock markets were created to bring companies who needed money and companies who had money together. Now it's a global video game run by empty suits who have never created wealth, just learned how to use computers and the Internet to take advantage of temporary differences in market information. (They don't have as much luck getting rich on other commodities like pork bellies because we can substitute for them and tell the pinstripes to p*ss off.

These "players" that have overrun our financial system truly believe that it's ok to "play" with the values of goods that are necessities. Just for fun and profit. Which brings us back to the topic.

The Teachers pension plan has cooked up a leveraged buyout of our biggest phone company. I'm no fan of Bell, but we're talking about a taxpayer-subsidized financial juggernaut that wants to control our biggest phone company.

The same bunch that fights taxpayers tooth and nail about how WE want THEM to educate our kids, refusing to be measured by student grades on standardized tests.

The same bunch that owns the Leafs. How are their results in that department?

We want these people controlling our telephones???


And finally this, from CTV.ca on May 22/08 in the Business section (http://www.ctv2.theglobeandmail.com/):

"Still, rejigging the deal to win over the bondholders, would also be difficult because the banks that agreed to finance the takeover, stung by the credit crunch, are already pushing for new terms."

The banks would be Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and Royal Bank of Scotland. In the same article a lawyer for the bondholders, John Finnegan, called it "a full-on win" (from National Post print edition May 22/08.

Ahh, the Teachers...

Messing with you at school, at the game, and now with your phone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1. To solve the defects in our mental health system, we need to end the state sponsored insanity of allowing those afflicted to reject proven, humane treatment. I have no idea where we should care for them but I do know that it wouldn't take me very long to fire enough government paper pushers to find the money for it.

2. Lawyering and politics is a conflict of interest. Sorry.

Continuing with our legal theme for a moment

A surgeon, an architect and a lawyer are having a heated barroom discussion concerning which of their professions is actually the oldest profession.

The surgeon says: "SURGERY is the oldest profession. God took a rib from Adam to create Eve and you can't go back further than that."

The architect says: "Hold on! In fact, God was the first architect when he created the world out of chaos in 7 days, and you can't go back any further than THAT!"

The lawyer puffs his cigar and says: "Gentlemen, Gentlemen...who do you think created the CHAOS??!!"


I think the above illustrates well the general attitude of pretty much everyone who ahhh, isn't a lawyer (or married to one). The legal system we've allowed to flourish and control our lives has made us all ridiculously and outrageously beholden to the law profession and it's chief weapons; unnatural rote memory skills and Type A+ argumentative personalities.

Definition of a lawyer: One who's learned how to pick flyshit out of pepper and get paid for it.

We have, over centuries, allowed ourselves to be cowed, and, ultimately governed by bitchy bookworms.

Lawyers make the worst politicians.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sorry if you're a lawyer, but...

An airliner was having engine trouble, and the pilot instructed the cabin crew to have the passengers take their seats and get prepared for an emergency landing.

A few minutes later, the pilot asked the flight attendants if everyone was buckled in and ready.

"All set back here, Captain," came the reply, "except one lawyer who is still going around passing out business cards."


I did a Google search on "occupational jokes" tonight, May 20/08. The number two hit was Lawyer jokes. The number four hit was Lawyer jokes. One and three were the main web pages of the above, www.jokefile.co.uk and www.jokesandhumor.com.

Why are lawyers so popular in the field of jokes? Is it their warmth? Their undying pursuit of common sense justice? Their golf tournaments?

I think not. It is because no other occupation on earth has earned more money while attracting more anger than any other. Let's draw an historical analogy- in ancient times, only the "high mucky-mucks" like priests and scribes could read. They made up the rules, collected the taxes, and the rest of the illiterate mob submitted and sometimes suffered. Todays' lawyers are yesterday's high priests, without so much of the sacrificing stuff. The actual bloodletting has pretty much gone by the wayside, but financial bleeding still abounds. For example, how many of you are happy to pay thousands in fees to handle a will, or a home purchase, or to get their "permission" to start a business? Are we all happy with our lawyer-driven, liability laws that strangle our economy and lead to frivolous lawsuits like "not being told your coffee is hot"? How many of our freedoms get eroded each year with all our shiny new laws? The sad truth is that we are not paying attention and lawyers are happily filling the void.

Solution? We take back our lives by declaring that our politicians will not be lawyers.

It is a conflict of interest with society to get paid for making new laws that will inevitably create new work for the lawyers that follow you. We ALL know that the rule books get thicker every year, NOT thinner.

Here's some more great lawyer jokes, courtesy of jokefile:

Q: What is the difference between a tick and a lawyer?
A: A tick falls off you when you die.


A man walks into a bar. He sees a beautiful, well-dressed woman sitting on a bar stool alone. He walks up to her and says, "Hi there, how's it going tonight?"

She turns to him, looks him straight in the eyes and says, "I'll screw anybody at any time, any where -- your place or my place, it doesn't matter to me."

The guy raises his eyebrows and says......... "No shit, what law firm do you work for?"


There was a loser who couldn't get a date. He went to a bar and asked a guy how to get a date. The guy said, "It's simple. I just say that you're a lawyer."

So the guy went up to a pretty woman and asked her out. After she said no, he told her that it was probably a good thing because he had a case early in the morning.

She said, "Oh! You're a lawyer?" He said, "Why, yes I am!" So they went to his place.

When they were in bed making love, the guy started to laugh to himself. When she asked what was so funny, he answered, "Well, I've only been a lawyer for 15 minutes, and I'm already fucking someone!"


We would be better off if lawyers could not become politicians.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rude Awakening

This is my first blog and second post. I've long enjoyed reading many blogs on a variety of topics, but never have I thought about writing one. I am going to wing it as far as legalese and hope that no one is insecure enough to sue me.

My first piece of wisdom is for Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario. Mr Premier, please, in the name of humanity, allow us to treat the mentally ill properly.

Recently my wife and I tried to get help for a loved one with a Form 2. Unfortunately for us, the attending psych doctor at St Joseph's (Toronto) decided that it was better to side with technicalities than to get our loved one help.

What was the technicality? Our loved one had not been treated for their problem successfully in the past. Oh yes, we have ample information on their mental and physical deterioration, and I even naively thought that the recent changes in this area (Brian's law) would help us, but the psych swatted these concerns aside like he would a housefly.

The psych's argument is that unless we (our benevolent government) treated this "unwilling-to-get-help" person before, we can't treat this "unwilling-to-get-help" person now. We must wait until they harm themselves or someone else. Nice choice, and a medical catch-22. We won't enforce medical treatment even for those that everyone knows need it.

Is it a better world when we allow people to end up on the streets, instead of getting them the treatment they need to live more fulfilling lives?

Number One

I am starting this blog because of a sad personal experience with the mental health system in Ontario, Canada.

Rest assured that there are other issues I need to unburden myself about...