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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liberals Are Basically Facists

Update March 28/10:

Apparently the person below is not Stephanie Bowa, anti free speech member of the group BAN ANN COULTER FROM CAMPUS. It is professional loser and hate-monger Ellen Orcan.


Here is a classic example of why liberals are the most dangerous, anti-freedom people on God's green earth. At a planned speech in Ottawa by Ann Coulter, this idiot, Stephanie Bowa, employee of the Canadian Library Association, no less, Ellen Orcan, shouts down people with an opposing viewpoint who want to hear Coulter speak. Meanwhile, assholes like Bowa Orcan can call Christians and Jews every name under the Sun and no one bats an eye.

She is a jackass(hole) and the CLA will be also if they don't fire her for her hateful views. What a nasty person she is. This is what Canada has become, sad to say. A haven for left wing hate.

Update April 1/2010: Orcan is a vicious harpy screaming at those she disagrees with. She is one nasty looking person.


Anonymous said...

you may want to check your facts!!
your post on March 24 is incorrect.

cousinarlo said...

Dear anonymous:

I was passing along information I learned about elsewhere about the ID of the loudmouth (literally) in the photo above. According to clancop the person's real name is Ellen Orcan, who resembles Ms Bowa. Although it is not Ms Bowa in the photo, she apparently did join a Facebook group called BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS.

That is almost as offensive as Ms Orcan's actions of actually attempting to suppress free speech in person. Therefore, let me say that I'm sorry I called the anti-free speech bigot Stephanie Bowa the anti free speech bigot Ellen Orcan.

"clancop said
March 26, 2010 at 4:56 am

Stephanie Bowa joined a Facebook group linked to this event, BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS. How do you think they got her name and email? If a radical student group goes out and embarrasses not just the University of Ottawa, but Canada as a whole, so you would have to be an idiot to think no one is going to go after members of said group. Just because she wasn’t there, doesn’t mean she isn’t to blame for this trouble. Stephanie joins the group, Ellena Orcan protests and gets her picture taken, someone mistakes Ellena for Stephanie and trouble ensues. Don’t try to pin this on me, I wasn’t the one getting involved with political radicals.