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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Left Wing Gotcha Journalism

If you were asked, "Should an illegal immigrant who has already violated a deportation order be deported after being caught drunk driving?", what would you say? Most self-respecting, law-abiding people would say "yes." 

Should the deadbeat get a free pass if he's related to an important politician?

It was with great amusement that I read about a classic left-wing gotcha interview with Mitt Romney. The story, as reported by the AP, suggests with its headline that Romney would deport Obama's uncle. ("Romney says he would deport Obama's uncle", mail.com Dec21/11).

You and I both know that he was NOT asked "Would you deport Obama's uncle?"

Of course the "gotcha" headline is all that the rest of the left wing media will report, with hopes of hurting Romney.


Back story: Some Boston radio clown asked Romney if he would deport an illegal immigrant caught drunk driving whose name was Onyango Obama, and Romney answered yes, before he realized who the criminal was related to.

Can anyone imagine the media furor that would have resulted if it had been Romney's uncle, or Gingrich's for that matter? Two faced, thy name is liberal media.