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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rude Awakening

This is my first blog and second post. I've long enjoyed reading many blogs on a variety of topics, but never have I thought about writing one. I am going to wing it as far as legalese and hope that no one is insecure enough to sue me.

My first piece of wisdom is for Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario. Mr Premier, please, in the name of humanity, allow us to treat the mentally ill properly.

Recently my wife and I tried to get help for a loved one with a Form 2. Unfortunately for us, the attending psych doctor at St Joseph's (Toronto) decided that it was better to side with technicalities than to get our loved one help.

What was the technicality? Our loved one had not been treated for their problem successfully in the past. Oh yes, we have ample information on their mental and physical deterioration, and I even naively thought that the recent changes in this area (Brian's law) would help us, but the psych swatted these concerns aside like he would a housefly.

The psych's argument is that unless we (our benevolent government) treated this "unwilling-to-get-help" person before, we can't treat this "unwilling-to-get-help" person now. We must wait until they harm themselves or someone else. Nice choice, and a medical catch-22. We won't enforce medical treatment even for those that everyone knows need it.

Is it a better world when we allow people to end up on the streets, instead of getting them the treatment they need to live more fulfilling lives?

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