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Friday, May 23, 2008

Animals Controlling Humans

There are thousands of people earning money to worry about animals. Some causes are noble, like vets, sanctuaries and shelters, and others not so much. It's the others we need to cull.

The plain truth is that the "others" include those "humans" that seem to think some snail should be protected against the best interests of the humans in its territory. And now quite a few people are coming out and saying that not only does wildlife trump man every time, we are actually the problem. In their view, we are overburdening Earth by our very existence. It's shocking when you stop to think how far we've gone from God giving man dominion over animals.

The opinion that humans should reduce their numbers is gaining popularity in the generally atheist leftosphere. According to the now radical, soon mainstream left, we are actually an affront to Mother Earth that is despoiling the planet. So here's a tip:

Avoid groups with these words in their names and/or literature: animal, green, welfare, world, club, peace, people, or defense; they all have ulterior motives. They're after your wallet and your freedom, and they need to be shunned. God gave us dominion over the animals and as long as we treat animals humanely we are allowed to hunt them, trap them, raise them, and eat them. For those that can't deal with a "humans first" world view, I suggest a lobotomy.

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