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Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Communism, then Socialism, now Environmentalism

Over the last 25 years we've witnessed the philosophical defeat of two of history's three greatest modern scourges, communism and socialism. The third great scourge is environmentalism.

For a while after Ronald Reagan broke communism's backbone into fragments, it was calmer and safer in the world. For a time, all we had to think about regarding Russia was how various internal factions were carving the country up like some piece of meat, not which state they would next threaten, invade or starve.

Some still call the Chinese government communists, but they are really more like pragmatic parasites infecting ordinary people with their failed poisons. If they say "we hate France" on China's news (which they did recently) it's not unlike the Two Minute Hate from Orwell's 1984. They are like scientists that dole out permits and certificates as though they were vitamins, and all the recipients mere lab animals. Sad, very sad.

Socialism has proved a resilient foe to freedom and common sense. I think it's because it preys on everyone's inherent good nature and desire to help. But people have gradually begun to realize that no matter how much we care, or how much we give, socialists tell us it's not enough. The poverty industry has worked tirelessly, with the assistance of unionized, collective-thinking government bureaucrats to convince us that if we just give them more money, they'll solve all the problems we face. Right.

And now we have environmentalism. Not happy with communism's forced-labour approach to nirvana? Not pleased about socialism's alternative, forced-labour-via-punishing-taxes method? Well, we've got something that's sure to scratch your itch to give. Join the EnVIronmentaLISTS! They are the ONLY people who care about the earth, after all.

Not throwing trash out the car window was a good idea. Not pouring oil into the sewer was even better. But now we have an all out assault on our lives by socialists who claim all knowledge and concern for the earth against the onslaught of non believers like you and me. Now the air we exhale is toxic, and besides, there's too damn many humans anyway!

Environmentalism is socialism wrapped in sheeps' clothing. It is based on a never ending list of things that they want our governments to stop us from doing. Day in, day out, evilists dream up more things we can't do, and more ways for government to punish and tax us for what we're still allowed to do. Which brings us to the acme of socialism's guilty-by-living approach, Global Warming, or as the evilists sometimes say just to confuse things, Man-Made Climate Change. Environmentalism is biggest the threat to modern, free, democratic societies since the gulag. There is some hope, though. Ordinary people are beginning to smell the rat.

Ever since Michael Mann's hockey-stick graph was proven to be a lie the cat's been squirming out of the bag. Day after day they get another fact wrong and have to revise their "theories". If there was a hall of fame for the most times wrong by a philosophy, environmentalism and its evilists would win in a walk. The biggest challenge the rest of world has to face is how to expose the fact that first and foremost, environmentalism is all about is world income redistribution.

How do you spell wealth transfer? Here's three ways: "Kyoto Accord", "global warming", and "climate change". A gigantic transfer of wealth from the developed democracies to the rest of the world. Nothing more, nothing less, and they don't really care because the point for socialists is controlling lives.

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