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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sports can suck too: Mats Sundin, former Hero

Here's a guy I thought was classy. Suffered through years of parsimony and neglect from the World's Worst Team Owners TM, aka the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. I know he worked his butt off for the Leafs, but— time passes. It finally dawned on the "profits trump winning" bean counters in the Teachers syndicate that the team needed serious repairs. They start assessing their payroll, and discovered numerous bloated contracts, among them the captain's, which includes a no-trade clause.

So Mats had a choice: dig in his heels, or waive the no-trade clause. If he waived it he could thank Toronto for years of loyalty, knowing he'd be helping to rebuild the team. Then he could negotiate a trade to a potential cup winner. The bonus for his long-suffering fans would have been the draft choices his departure would have earned. He dug in his heels, mumbling about loyalty. Now he's considering offers from other teams anyway. So the end result is the same: he's gone, except Mats' way meant nothing in return for the fans who supported him all these years.

Thanks for the sour taste Mats. You're gazing at greener pastures but we're still living in uselessville.

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