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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mass Murder in Syria, with the approval of China, Russia, and Western liberals

A French doctor named Jacques Beres, who smuggled himself into Syria, says what he saw was "mass murder. It's totally unfair. It's unjustifiable."

The story also quotes a woman who'd been imprisoned and tortured, and she said there were no foreigners or terrorists fighting the government in Syria. 20 year old Hadeel Kouki also said there were nearly 10,000 dead now. People killed by their own government. And still the Chinese and the Russians defend Assad's butchery against his own people.

Fuck those commie bastards and the spineless westerners who call themselves liberals. The UN and other assorted moochers would rather ignore the problem than get tough. These people have no morals. It's impossible for them to oppose true tyranny. Instead, they stick to criticizing their own countries.

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