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Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberals Rush to Defend Terrorists

According to a story publicized at Blazing Cat Fur, the Hurt Feelings industry in Canada has apparently had enough of the mean things being said about terrorists. It seems that one or more liberal crybabies objected to a slogan on a dead actors's picture that made a statement to said terrorists.

Looks fine to me.

From the same story, we learn that Scott Brison is an idiot:

"Liberal MP Scott Brison said such prejudiced and "xenophobic" comments are contrary to the values Canadian soldiers are trying to promote abroad and potentially injurious to troops in Afghanistan, where the vast majority of the population is Islamic.

"This type of disgusting vitriol from a Canadian military supplier is certainly not going to help our brave Canadian men and women in uniform in places like Afghanistan and has a real potential to endanger them," he said in an interview."

According the aforementioned idiot, our troops aren't there to kill bad guys with rags on their heads. No, they're there to promote "values". God help us.

Thanks to Gear Up Motors for having the guts to speak up in the first place.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Thanks for the pic! And yea what an idiot Brison is.

Seraphic Single said...

Why is it assumed "raghead" refers to Muslims as Muslims? Not all Muslim men cover their heads. Incidentally, the majority of Afghans neither speak English nor know how to read.