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Friday, September 26, 2008

Canadian Heroes in Afghanistan

Tonight I read a very touching post at Canadian Heroes. It was the thoughts of a brave young man, about why he was proud of his country and what he was doing. Sadly, this young soldier was killed in action not long before he was to return to his home and family.

Thank you, Corporal Grenon, and thanks to Paul at Canadian Heroes for his post:

"Why do we fight? Because, if we don't fight today, on THIS battlefield, then our children will be forced to face these monsters on our own battlefield.

"I fight because I'm a soldier.

"I fight because I'm ordered.

"I fight, so my children won't have to."

~ Cpl. Andrew Paul Grenon

Visit Canadian Heroes

More on Cpl Grenon and his fellow patriots here.

God bless all of our brave armed forces men and women and their families.

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