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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bankers Need A Spanking - Captain Capitalism

Captain Capitalism tells it like it needs to be told about the (failed) bailout, regarding the orgy of greed that has led investment bankers to taxpayers' wallets, once again.

They play their games, spread their buy/sell rumours, and then come crying to us when the house of cards falls down.

Rat Bastards.


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Anonymous said...

O.K. Cousinarlo,

Afore I begin – perhaps this is too long to be a comment, and so it may be better simplified, as a personal E-Mail between me and you.

You ask me how bad things have become?

I'll answer sincerely...


If you haven’t visited these shores for a number of years you wouldn’t recognise the place. The Labour party, as perhaps you remember in the days of yore, doesn’t exist anymore.
This lot are authoritarian Fabians to a man, indeed most of our current cabinet of ministers progressed through the ranks of the communist party in some way shape or form, and these leopards haven’t changed their spots at all, once arriving in positions of government. We didn’t vote for them to lead us, they have all materialised since Blair resigned. Gordon Brown has no mandate to lead anyone, nobody wants him, nobody likes him, and yet somehow, he remains at the helm.

He wasn’t elected as Prime Minister – If England had voted alone in 2005, we would currently be ruled by a Tory government – Brown refused to give our Nation a vote on the constricting E.U. Super state, knowing fine well that over 80% of this islands inhabitants would have voted firmly against. The BBC are run as New Labours “Pravda” – as many ex Labour M.P.s now run the corporation from the top – and therefore, you cant believe a solitary word they espouse.

On October the first ministers pushed through this legislation and people are slowly realising that it is already in place.
Pat Condell was an early casualty, and if you check out my you tube website it no longer exists – Official reason from an E-Mail I received from B.T. (my provider) – Lawyers acting for the BBC had seemingly taken issue with This image and therefore I was sumararily shut down.
No defence asked for – just gone.
Now they may well take issue with the image but this is what happened.
Its political correctness in the most loathsome of forms, and when you mix that with old style Soviet Communism, that’s what Gordon Brown and New Labour currently offer this Country.
Just tonight, I was having a conversation, via E-Mail with Fido of Lone Voice and this was the message that confronted the pair of us
“Chat is disabled. Your network administrator has blocked Google Mail chat”. Learn more

As I say – governmental networks are now prying into private E-Mail conversations – George Orwell’s 1984?

Now add to the above the fact, that over 20% of the Worlds CCTV is currently pointed at us, on this tiny Island, And spice up the mix by adding that we’re now the most taxed Nation on the planet, and you’ll start to get a picture of Britain today.

In fact if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, then this will explain how this current government put things into place. this video is an accompaniment to the website and what has been done!

Do we get out now? – Hell no! – We have to get rid of this man and his odious regime or it will be the death of our Nation – Period!
Among the British people, he’s the most detested leader in British history, New Labour will be demolished in the forthcoming elections – if we ever get that far that is, – As to yield to the wishes of the majority, is something that Brown has never done.

You ask about Islam and Sharia law. – In France, and indeed, in other Countries in Europe, the indigenous races are embracing Islam. Not in Britain, there not! – Muslims barricade themselves off into their self-imposed ghettos, only venturing out to demand all that they can get, and of course, with the politically correct agents of New Labour now running the show across the entire spectrum – they get everything they want.

Are they abiding by sharia law in their own communities? – Probably! – It’s two different cultures on one tiny shore – there is NO integration what so ever! – None!

If you look at the Fabian Society's initial doctrine, (these are the governments running Europe today), it concluded that Nationalism was its biggest anathema, and so it seems that mass immigration into all E.U. Countries was their master plan, in diluting Nations and so breaking down E.U. borders for the coming – (in Gordon Browns own words) – New World Order

Did these left wing traitors to their own Nations, think that Muslims would import their customs and beliefs, lock, stock and barrel into their new host Countries?

I suppose that’s up to our own personal judgements – but for the record, here’s my own personal thesis…

Julia Middleton – of common purpose, (see the link “Stop Common Purpose” above) speaks of Suns, Stars, moons, and black holes, when outlining the thesis of her own world viewpoint, and I now begin to wonder; is this linked to the Global Marxism of third way policies, followed by Gordon Brown and New Labour here in the U.K.
In Middleton’s world:
Suns – People of established power and influence. - These people must be courted and wooed into her sphere of a Globalist vision and future plans.
Stars – Those of rapid but unpredictable rise to power and influence. - These are the very people that Middleton’s drive for power depends; as to bring them on board, will all bode well for her ilk’s visions of our very futures in the coming years.
Moons – Individuals of diminishing power. - To quote Middleton, “Useful idiots” and “expert idiots” To use and abuse until their shelf lives expire.
Black Holes – Those who will never subscribe to Middleton’s personal doctrine or vision, who must therefore be removed from the public’s consciousness. I.E. Nationalists.

Positivity, or Subjectiveness are taboo on such issues, as the rank-and-file of the general public must always associate Nazi’s with the B.N.P. and unspeakable evil.
In other words, the Marxist doctrine of political correctness is used to usurp dissenting voices, and paralyse thought to the point that the general publics first instincts when confronted with this type of a pictorial, “Black Hole”, will be to turn away in revulsion, as not to offend those whom have repeatedly and “Negatively suggested” its unpalatable nature.
However, Islam to me is the outright paradox in the left wing plans.
“The term – “Religion Of Peace” is derided as a sick joke, by all but the leftists in our midst’s. – Why is Islam a “Sainted Subject”?
Iv heard the school of thought that says; - unlike the Soviet Union, this time the Marxists are to introduce a “One Religion Fits All” model, into their proposed Society, and as Islam is confined to it’s own rigid structures, and conformist attitudes, it would be a far better model in which to keep the people of the future under a strict moral code of control.
I don’t buy this for one moment!
The only thing that Islam and Marxism have in common, is the refusal to recognise National borders, so if everybody were to become a Muslim, then why would they then follow a man made Society, that was implemented by Marxists?
Middleton may aspire to play “God” but she’s not! – And Islam would recognise that too!
“Black Hole” Nazi’s hated Jews! – And who else despises the Jewish race? – That of course would be Islam! – and in fact the BNP and Jewish organisations are now coming together in their fight against Islam – un-thought of only a matter eleven years ago!
So let me introduce a new theory. – The blanket immigration of the lefts “Sainted Muslims” upon us all, are actually being used to dilute Western Society, so that the indigenous races slowly forget their own Nations past histories and accomplishments, and identify with nothing more than self-preservation.
Islam and Muslims will always create a separate Society for their own no matter where they go. So an inability to integrate with anyone other than fellow Mohammedan’s will create divisions among the peoples of all Countries that they inhabit. – Islam will always wage Jihad – They must! – It’s a fundamental part of the Koran.
So lets just say that the Marxists are fully aware of this point, and seek to use it for their own personal gain and at a time of their own choosing.
If the Marxists of today are following the model of the Soviet Union – then why not interlace that vision with another of Twentieth Century Europe’s unsavourily events?
Use stooges as a tool to blame all of the world’s woes onto one sub-group of Society. – In the 1930s it was the Jews of Europe – And the 21st Century? – Have a guess! – Muslims anybody?
When the Global Marxists think they are in a position to implement their plan, they will first need to find a valid excuse to crack down on public freedoms and introduce their stringent new laws. – Islam, - and their none conformist ways to the Societies in which they now inhabit, would provide the perfect alibi to wage an assault on democracy.
Would the none Islamic peoples not fully support their leaders in such a move? – And therefore submit themselves to the newly enforced loss of freedoms – under the guise of - “It’s for your own personal protections and futures, that we must resort to these actions today”.
It’s all been done before – at another time of mans inglorious past. – What makes man different today? – Just like in the Middle Ages with the use of the term “heretic”, this political correct nonsense hides darker motives; of future plans – Of that I am almost sure.