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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gates of Vienna: Socialized Health Care in Action

-An outsider's view of the failings of Canada's single-payer, not-my-job health care system (I refer to the bureaucrats and politicians who support our status quo, not our overworked doctors, nurses, and front line workers).

Baron Bodissey has a good take on the troubles with Canada's health care system here:



jrs, md said...

You can find horror stories in any system, including our own non-system.Believe me, I know. We'd be a lot better off under a Canadian plan, which preserves the private practice of medicine. Canadian MDs are not government employees, they are private practictioners. Most American MDs now are held hostage to the HMOs and insurance companies.

cousinarlo said...

Thanks for your comment jrs. May I just ask, though, that you reserve your judgement regarding which system would be better for you as a practitioner.

Canada actually penalizes and stigmatizes doctors who suggest or (horrors!) do private practice; I suppose the venom is not directed mainly at vein clinics and the like, but if you suggest allowing private primary care in Canada you will face fierce resistance and enmity.

Our doctors are not government employees, but that is just a technicality. The government dictates what they may bill for and for how much.

They work in a system starved of resources, leading to greater stress at not having the tools to do the job properly. Our system controls costs by restricting access.

They are now being told that they must abandon their personal and religious beliefs if they wish to practice medicine.

I'm not sure you'd be happier here.