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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Real Fraud Artists are the US Democrats

As I contemplate the drastic measures our company is having to take just to survive this recession, I seethe when I think of true criminals going free.

The news that Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for fraud surprised no one. Here was a golden opportunity for the left to nail freedom in the balls again. A chance to shriek out like little girls, saying, "See?! Capitalism doesn't work! Just LOOK at this greedy man!"

Of course the guy was a douchebag. Of course he ruined lives. He wasn't the first and he is not the worst. What he definitely was not was a typical businessman. Yet his conviction is a rallying point for the non-productive left that we need to have government run our lives even more.

So who are the real fraud artists? The true criminals who precipitated the financial mess that surrounds us?

#1 The Democratic Party of the United States in general, including the specific mentions below:

#2 Jimmy Carter, champion of the Community Reinvestment Act that issued loans based on colour of skin to buy the votes of minorities, giving them mortgages they couldn't afford. Then he pressured banks to do his bidding.

#3 Harry Reid

#4 Nancy Pelosi

#5 Every one of the stock traders that passed the tainted paper backed by the useless mortgages Jimmy and his Democratic spawn created. They COULD have said no. They COULD have been honourable, but they were not.

These people (and many more) should go to jail forever. By their willful distortion of the true free market, they have caused more suffering and loss of wealth than 100 Bernie Madoffs.

May these criminals someday, somehow be punished for their crimes.

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