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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Not to get your ass kicked by the police: a.k.a. "Good advice for Henry Gates the Race Baiting Professor of Harvard"

The black Harvard professor Henry Gates is a race baiter. People like him don't want harmony between blacks and whites. They want continual strife so that they can fake their way through life studying and magnifying "problems" that the rest of us are getting over. There is MORE harmony in the world than before; far more than those like Gates would ever admit. People like Henry Gates, who make a living perpetuating the race issue, have boulder-sized chips on their shoulder and should be shunned, not admired. What a jerk.

Gates should be tied down and forced to watch Chris Rock explain civil society (even in terms a white-hating fop like Gates would comprehend) in a sketch from Rock's TV show in 2007. The YouTube poster of this particular video named it "How not to get arrested by the police", perhaps to make it more relevant to "Gatesgate" (aka "How to Perpetuate Hate", by Henry Gates). For Gates the relevant tip would be "Be Polite". If Gates can't manage that from his lofty post as Race Baiting Hero/Role Model for Blacks, he doesn't deserve an ounce of pity. This is his fault.

Chris Rock is in the same elite league as celebrities like Bill Cosby who are not afraid to speak the truth about racial issues. The Show's actual sketch title is:

How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police (2007):

****** Update, August 27/09 ~ I found a better quality video that also had the correct name of the sketch and replaced the old video link:


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