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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad Traffic— No one's fault?

One subject that polarizes people is the debate about reasons for and solutions to traffic congestion on our roads. It has become, in the hands of left wing planners, a weapon against freedom of movement.

On the one hand you have socialists like Toronto's Mayor David Miller, the Liberals, the NDP, most US democrats, the Chinese Communist Party, and so on who would like to ban private transportation. They'd prefer to see all of us being loaded onto buses and trains every day like cattle. On the other side you have the usual silent majority that can't or won't follow the farmer to the stun room so easily.

Traffic is bad because years ago the left wingers who dominate government at all levels got bored with mundane things like fixing roads, picking up trash, punishing criminals, etc. and developed a chronic case of "can't-mind-my-own-goddamn-business-itis", which has led to government f-ing around in our lives at an ever increasing rate.

Modern road planning is now an oxymoron. Roads aren't planned now, they are avoided. Planners, and the lefties that pick our pockets via taxes, wait until mile long traffic jams happen before they build or expand roads, instead of using the brains God gave them and fixing the roads first. No, wait— they have brains, just not the guts to actually use them properly.

The other traffic killer that dares not speak its name is the speeding fine fetish. I respect the police in every area except their obsession with radar and speed limits. It has become obvious to almost everyone that while the car chases and high-miler tickets get all the attention and enforcement time, accidents counts continue to rise. This is because our left-wing approach to government and traffic guarantees that dangerous but timid, incompetent, and antisocial drivers always pass unnoticed by the police, while leaving a wake of frustrated drivers behind them (usually in the left lane).

Instead of getting timid, dangerous, drivers off the road and the hell out of the passing lane, the police and politicians force all the rest of us to drive at these ignoramuses' level of ineptitude. The only other area that timid, slow drivers excel in is inconsideration of their fellow travellers. Thus we all daily see parades or trains of cars, following slow vehicles for miles rather than passing them, and following so closely that you can't fit a car in between. Some of these followers are just too timid to be safe on our roads and some are just browbeaten, afraid to pass because the next ticket will break the bank.

Thanks to government-funded propaganda that blames speeding for all accidents, we are all subject to the ill-considered whims and speed of the most incompetent driver in front of us.

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