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Monday, October 27, 2008

Only the Left...

Only the Left digs under the outhouse for information and ways they can use to brainwash their supporters and gain power. Such society-building ideas, like

-hacking and publishing private emails of a candidate for Vice President (son of a Tennessee Democrat- what a shock)

-personally attacking the family members of a candidate for Vice President (the entire media universe except Fox)

-asking your university students to write a nasty story about a candidate for Vice President ( another tenured, embittered left wing prof who was caught by Fox)

-more to come...

Update Tues Oct28:

ONLY the Left:

-sees nothing wrong with promoting voter fraud. ACORN is a left wing group that uses donations to sign up non-existent voters

-thinks it's ok for a President to be friends with terrorists

-thinks it's peachy that he'd be friends with a convicted felon

-thinks it would be just fine that his pastor for the last 20 years was a raving, pathological white hater and America hater

-would, as a judge, allow voters to register with a park bench as their address, according to the Columbus Dispatch

I know there are more...

Update Nov 5, 2008

-hangs a Candidate for Vice President in effigy

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