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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama 's army cracks another head

Obama has inspired another bout of violence in a politically-motivated beating by a liberal coward. ("get in people's faces", says Obama) And Rain Man Biden has the unmitigated gall and stupidity to threaten us about more of this criminality if Obama is not crowned President?

The entire campaign to elect Obama is one giant shake-down by the left. They have convinced themselves that power was stolen from them twice by GW Bush, and they've decided that any measure is fair this time. Political thugs from Chicago, including the hippie terrorist-bomber Bill Ayers, have planned the Presidency of Obama like the Manchurian Candidate for years.

This time, they found a way to brainwash the public, not the "Candidate".

The ugly side of liberalism here:

Oct 27/08 update: thepittsburgchannel.com (link above) now says the woman made up her story about a politically-motivated attack. My apologies to Obama's army of in-your-facers.

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