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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

40th Canadian General Election Results

While Harper didn't achieve a majority, look at the results. He added 20 or so seats to the total from 2006, in spite of the US financial meltdown that the MSM and mouth breathing voters blamed Harper for.

The Liberals lost 25% of their seats, making Bob Rae's post election comments hilarious. He was calling the results a loss for the Conservatives, since they didn't get a majority. (Hmm. We lost a quarter of our MP's, but WE'RE NUMBER ONE!) Reminds me of the Black Knight in The Holy Grail when he keeps challenging Arthur, even after he's lost all his limbs. And watching Iggy and Rae lie when asked about Dion's performance was great too. These snakes are already mailing out their own leadership brochures.

The only other obvious thing I saw was how unrepentantly blind and out of touch Quebecers are. Rather than join the winning team, they decided to scurry like rats back to the liberals. The pundits all say it was the arts funding cuts and the "get tough on youth crime" initiatives by the Conservatives. It looks like the only place the Liberals actually gained votes. So it's official: Quebec is the teenager in the basement of Canadian politics, who can only be won over with cheap bribes and d0-overs.

Oh well. At least we know that the opposition is so divided they couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel, so Harper can continue to do the right things for Canada.

UPDATE (Oct 16/08)

Other good news from the election for Conservatives and conservatives:

• The Green Party Is Still "Seatless In Canada".

Elizabeth May (Green leader One) was badly embarrassed in her attempt to embarrass the Conservatives by defeating a Conservative cabinet minister, Peter MacKay. She could have run against a lesser known opponent; this would have increased her odds of winning a seat. Obviously, she was more interested in her publicity stunt than getting into Parliament and having to explain her views in a serious way. She also disgraced herself by telling some supporters to vote for another party. So much for the feelings of the candidates who believed in her and ran serious campaigns!

If Dion wasn't fit to be PM (which he wasn't), she isn't/wasn't fit for a House page's job. See ya, Liz!

• Garth Turncoat lost! He ran in Halton as a self promoting blowhard/// I mean Conservative/// I mean Fiberal. So who's Garth? Thankfully, he was only a legend in his own mind and didn't have the national attention he craved. He spent time as a rabble rousing business editor (to get HIS name in the paper more often), then he got elected as a Conservative just before the Reform tidal wave hit (of which I'm proud to have been a part).

Most recently he got booted from the Conservatives for being a blabbermouth and showoff, then crossed the floor of the Commons where the standards are lower. Luckily for Halton, Lisa Raitt from the Toronto Port Authority stepped in and smote the Turncoat.

• Maxime Bernier won in a huge landslide, delivering a big slap in the face to the opposition which screamed for his head in l'affaire Couillard.

• Peter Kent won his seat in the riding of Thornhill (Ontario). He is a world famous journalist with a long list of achievements, and he obviously possesses the ability to communicate effectively through the media. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do well in the party.

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