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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Google Adsensorship

I got a lesson in politically correct censorship recently. Google's crack team of Adsense mini-censors decided (after over two years of the site existing) to remove it from the Adsense program. 

Near as I can tell, It's because someone decided that my material might somehow catch the attention of a Google ads client's lawyer somewhere who might say something to someone at Google about my material. At least that's all I can surmise without more info from the Great and Powerful OzGoogle. And in the next breath they say I don't get any traffic anyway. Just bullying for fun, maybe. Those crazy Google Adsense censors!

This is for the Great zihara at the Adsense Forum who said I needed a good dictionary to know that their Adsense suspension of my blog wasn't censorship:

Adsense zihara declared:

"If you define "not being served ads" as "censorship," you need to look up "censorship" in a good dictionary."

So I did, at Wikipedia:

"Corporate censorship is the process by which editors in corporate media outlets intervene to disrupt the publishing of information that portrays their business or business partners in a negative light[3][4]"


Hmmmm... I'd say zihara is the one needing a dictionary.


"vitriolic rabble-rousing, name-pointing and racism"

That's how the Great and Powerful zihara, Google Adsense "Top Contributor" (probably a lawyer) described my site, emphatically stating that,

"When you invite cash-paying advertisers into your space, you invite their business sense, their lawyers, their morals in with them. Fact of life. That's what "Terms & Conditions" are about and why they are enforced."

So Google thinks, or pays people to think, that every single Adsense advertiser would be horrified to see their ad on my blog.

How politically correct can you get? What a load of crap.

For the whole exchange between me and the Google censors, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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