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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blatant Racism just fine with the NAACP

Update January 2/2011:

Tom Blumer at Pajamas Media has Shirley Sherrod's story on his top ten list of the MSM's official misinformation campaigns for 2010:

10. Shirley Sherrod. No review of 2010 media “Smithing” can be complete without mentioning Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired after Andrew Breitbart showed a video of a speech she made to an NAACP chapter. Sherrod and her husband Charles received the free press ride of the year.The $13 million the pair received in a farming racial discrimination lawsuit settlement just before she took her USDA job in July 2009 was almost never reported. The documented proof from a longtime leftist that the pair’s New Communities “cooperative” exploited child labor, paid less than minimum wage, illegally resisted union organizing efforts, and employed scab labor never made it into the mainstream media.

The rest of the list is here:



Update July 22/10:

I now know that this clip was made years ago and she isn't that way now.


Apparently they found the white farmer and his wife (who she shat on way back when) and --- ummm, persuaded them to make a public statement this week about how Ms Shirley Sherrod actually, really, really, really helped them after all.

Right. I guess they haven't watched the video where she admits to f88king them by withholding her services because of their skin colour.

I don't know for sure about all the facts, but Ms Sharrod did admit that her dislike for whites caused her to withhold her normal best efforts to help because these people were white. Not only that, but the NAACP audience lapped it up! Can anyone imagine the media frenzy if you found a video of a white public official who said the same thing, no matter HOW long ago?

Who's investigating the possibility of racism in the NAACP, a group that promotes arguments and discriminatory laws based on skin colour? And who then profits financially by promoting the idea that blacks and whites should be eternal enemies and that whites and their descendants should pay in perpetuity for sins of their ancestors. I think that according to the NAACP, public policies should always be based on skin colour, insofar as these policies lead to preferential treatment for blacks.

I understand revenge but come fucking on, black leaders. There have been no legal, discriminatory laws creating barriers to black advancement for at least two generations now in North America.

These days, discrimination is reversed from the 60's and then some. Now, blacks can invent racism in anything and everything whites do. Every year, socialist-dominated governments transfers millions of taxpayers hard-earned dollars to our also publicly-paid, guilt-ridden, left-wing moocher class (socialist judges and lawyers) .

Official government White Discrimination is the reality of our current situation in public policy.

Original post is below.


According to some liberals, white people are racists, plain and simple. However, it seems that blacks are perfectly free to practise the very thing they accuse whites of doing: discriminating against people because of their skin colour. This horrible woman is an Obama government appointee and brags to her audience about withholding her help from a white man. If a black man was refused an ice cream cone it would be the lead story in all the media. But if a black flunkie bureaucrat refuses to help a white person it's ok.

Of course the mainstream media is not interested. May they all rot in hell.

Update July 20/10:

The nasty piece of work above is Shirley Sherrod, who just got canned by the US Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack. That's sounds like great news until we learn that she is a professional race card player who earlier bilked millions out of taxpayers for class action discrimination lawsuits on behalf of black farmers.

If she stepped in front of a moving bus the world would be better off.

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