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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chinks in the Obarmour?

Marvin Olansky has a great column in Townhall today, where he describes how liberal bellweathers like Jon Stewart and Maureen O'Dowd are criticizing the Obama administration. I hope that Mr Olasky is on to a trend here. Maybe even liberals are starting to realize what a loser they have in Obama and will drift away from him and not support his "re-coronation" after all. It would make things easier for the Repubs to bring sanity back to the White House.

I especially liked this quote by Mr Olasky:

"Glenn Reynolds, the internet's Instapundit, recently offered a perceptive summary: "I think Obama's 'charisma' was based on voter narcissism—people excited not just about electing a black president, but about themselves, voting for a black president. Now that's over, and they're stuck just with him, and emptied of their own narcissism there's not much there to fill out the suit."


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