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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cafferty Pwns Queen Pelosi

Jack Cafferty of CNN nails Nancy Pelosi's ass to the wall, exposing her December 09 trip to the climate conference in Copenhagen. While ordinary Americans are cutting back and suffering, she takes off using 3 military jets for an entourage of elected officials and their families while staying in the finest hotels. THEN she refuses to answer questions about it. I don't think many Americans realize they have a Queen as Head of State.

I think Pelosi, who orchestrated the sub prime mortgage disaster, is the biggest threat to the economic health of the USA today with her socialist philosophy, exposed via her promotion of the Climate Change economic shakedown. And, like Gore, Carter, and many other Democrats, she's a Classical Hypocrite. Which is to say that she and most liberals grab power by claiming to feel voters' pain more than conservatives. Afterward, of course, they dive headfirst in to the pork barrel far deeper than any conservative, for they know only how to tax and spend, not produce.

Conservatives don't lie to voters by claiming that everyone can be helped as liberals do. They know it is impossible, no matter how many tax dollars and bureaucrats you throw at the problem.

Go, Jack!

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