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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Snopes is full of shit

Snopes WAS a good idea at one time I suppose. To help explain to the feeble minded that the three headed baby is a fake.

Now they exist to downplay anything (and there's lots) that has to do with conservatives and the devout being attacked.

Snopes is now a bunch of whiny brats defending political correctness by telling conservatives that their concerns are either lies or exaggerations.

Like this one about Christian churches being attacked in Europe and especially France. 875 last year is a common figure I've seen. This is not even a concern for the likes of Snopes, whose participants are busy leftists, dismantling the traditional values of our society and replacing them with government controlled information sources (like Trudeau's $880mill handout to Canadian media) and with Big Government replacing religion and self-reliance.

A story comes out that there were 12 churches attacked in one week and Snopes rated it mostly false. Why? because they thought the number was too high!!! So Snopes is concerned about the exaggeration but not the crimes. Fantasyland for adults is what's being sold by Snopes and the left. They need total control of thought to justify the continued attacks on the right, where most wealth is generated.


Until they run out of conservatives to milk dry and then they start eating each other.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick of Snopes coming up in search results along with the other top 20-40 mainstream media biased articles before the ones that tell the truth. Sickening. Global monopoly media control.

Anonymous said...

Snopes is full of S'#$t. Just read the BS about Brandon Tatum and the "white privilege". These guys are so clearly in bed with the leftist libtards it's shameful. Someone please create a place for the facts! No more opinion.