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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Music Rules

Music Rules is a blog to channel and record my interests in music and anything music-themed. I love searching for and hearing new music and old music that's new to me.

There are hundreds of excellent but unknown young artists on various free download sites. I list some on the blog. Listen and and download what you like; what's not to like?

Thanks to a collection of rock music encyclopedias and guides, I've also learned there are hundreds of great older, unknown songs. I find hidden music gems, songs that for one reason or another never became well known but should have.

Music appreciation can be more than just an endless search for the next big act or top 40 list; there's lots of forgotten treasures and excellent but unknown new musicians.

Music can improve your mood and inspire your imagination.


rock, alternative, indie, pop, blues, jazz, reggae; hits from classical, country, jazz, swing,  No rap (sorry, not sorry: it's not music).


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