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Monday, August 20, 2012

Islamic Tolerance In Action

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A Christian girl was sent to a Pakistani prison after being accused by her furious Muslim neighbors of burning pages of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, in violation of the country's strict blasphemy laws.
Published: August 20, 2012

"Police put the girl in jail for 14 days on Thursday after neighbors said they believed a Christian girl had burned pages of a Quran, gathering outside her house in a poor outlying district of Islamabad, said police officer Zabi Ullah. He suggested she was being held for her protection."
"it (blasphemy laws) has been exploited by individuals to settle personal scores, to grab land, to violate the rights of non-Muslims, to basically harass them," said the head of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Zora Yusuf."
"… one police officer familiar with the girl's case said the matter would likely be dropped once the investigation is completed and the atmosphere is defused, saying there was "nothing much to the case." He did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the case."

These Muslims are such ignorant, savage people that they have no more clue about what they've been taught to hate than a chimpanzee might:
"One police official, Qasim Niazi, said when the girl was brought to the police station, she had a shopping bag that contained various religious and Arabic-language papers that had been partly burned, but there was no Quran.
"Some residents claimed they actually saw burnt pages of Quran — either at the local mosque or at the girl's house. Few people in Pakistan actually speak or read Arabic, so often assume that anything they see with Arabic script is believed to be from the Quran, sometimes the only Arabic-language book people have seen."


UPDATE Sept 5/12

I've read a couple of stories recently that claimed a local religious zealot may have planted pages from the Koran on this poor girl as a way to frame a Christian and get the rest of the Christians out of his area. Could Islam BE any more hateful???

I don't give a damn how tolerant of Canada's culture our  "Canadian" Muslims pretend to be (and it IS pretending). I will not accept their phony claims of patriotism until they admit the failure of their religion to become humane in their home countries. Not only admit it but vocally condemn it, and actively work to undermine it. Otherwise they aren't real Canadians; they're just "former practising women and minority abusers" happily preserving their distasteful roots in our country. We don't have to look far to find western muslims who murder their children in the name of their religion.

Until Muslims in the West begin to loudly denounce the barbaric practises and inhumane treatment of their former fellow citizens with the same zeal that they criticize their host countries' cultures, they are undeserving of respect.

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