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Monday, December 1, 2008

God Help Canada. You can too!

The left in Canada is usurping the will of Canadians in order to gain power. With a premeditated plan, they have enlisted the separatist Bloc Party to give them votes while they tell Canadians that our votes were meaningless this time. We need to speak up before Lying Jack Layton becomes our g-damn finance minister!!!

I have heard that theoretically, the Governor General can refuse a request from the opposition to form a new government. If so, maybe ordinary Canadians like us can persuade her to say no to this dangerous plan!
Below is a link to the Governor General's phone number and fax [telephone: (613) 993-8200. fax: (613) 993-1967]:

Call or fax the Governor General and tell her what a bad idea this "coalition" is.

The G-G email is info@gg.ca. The salutation is "Excellency".

Thanks to Stephen Taylor for waking ME up.


Update Dec 2/08:

This is the email I sent to the Governor-General's office:


Please say no to the coalition of parties that want to seize power with the help of separatists. They wish to overturn the will of Canadians in the recent election and assume titles they have NOT earned from votes!

Please, please, please say NO if they ask to form a government! They will RUIN Canada if you allow this coalition to succeed.


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