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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Recently BlazingCatFur held the inaugural contest for "The Georgies", or Infidel Blogger awards. It was, as she says, "a well aimed poke in the eye to the Jackbooted Stalinists of the Canadian Human Rights Commission."
My favourite award was the one for "Most Insulting to the Prophet Blog Post". Above, you see the winning entry (first posted in 2006). Possibly inspired by the Muslims ravings about the cartoons that dared to insult Muhammad.

Surely we're all pissed off enough by Radical Islam to justify another contest by now.

Blazing Cat Fur says "...a post so inflammatory Allah has vowed to personally torture him."

Read the description of the cartoon here at no dhimmitude. What a filthy SOB Muhammad was.


The full results of the Georgies or the Infidel Blogger Awards, and links to some of the best conservative bloggers around: The winners

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