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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ottawa Terrorist Product of Libyan Jihadist

From various sources I've learned that the shooter's mother (Susan Bibeau) was a big shot (Deputy!) in the Immigration Review Board who met a Libyan jihadist (Bulgasem Zehaf) and then had his baby, the shooter, in 1982. So far the Media Party is calling him an "adoptive father" but have no news about who or where the "real" father might be. Bibeau and Zehaf divorced in 1999, which gave his jihadist father 17 years to indoctrinate his son while Ms Bibeau apparently just watched. (Her job at the IRB was, by the way, to advocate for refugee claimants when the Board ruled against them. Explains a lot.)

Her claim that she hasn't talked to him in 5 years doesn't wash away the first 17 years when she allowed a terrorist to groom his successor.

The media will ignore the brainwashing from his Muslim jihadist father as long as they can, but the facts will come out. His father (when he wasn't ignoring his procreation fighting in Libya) created a monster that managed to strike at the very heart of our country. The father left Canada to be a terrorist and we just let him back in. We are fools.

"Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Islamic terrorist murderer in yesterday’s attacks in Ottawa wasn’t just any old “White convert to Islam.” His father, Bulgasem Zehaf, was a Libyan mujahideen–a Muslim immigrant from Libya to Canada who left North America to return to his native Libya to fight with the Libyan “resistance” which is now Al-Qaeda and basically the Libyan version of ISIS (which was originally Al-Qaeda in Iraq). And it appears that his mother, Susan Bibeau, is yet another zaftig White chick who put her vagina first (I’ve written about so many of them who populate the West and are partly to blame for jihad and its infiltration). While she may not have converted to Islam, she did marry a Muslim who ended up returning to Africa to wage jihad, had sex with him, and bore his son. And she bears responsibility for how that son turned out. And the murder he committed in the name of jihad."

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