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Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama compares his poor bowling skills to Special Olympics competitors- Liberal Media Yawns

The Leftist-In-Chief of the United States decides to further indulge his fetish for attention and personal gain by being the first President to appear on a talk show (with Jay Leno, March 19/09). How crass and self-serving. How "left". Then he commits a gaffe that would have had his minions Pelosi and Reid screaming for "impeachment" if his predecessor had said it.

B. Hussein Obama compared his lousy bowling skills to competitors in the Special Olympics, and the media yawned. Arnold Shwarzenegger was smiling as he made excuses for B. Hussein's gaffe on TV.

Is there nothing that B Hussein can do to earn disdain, or even mild criticism? Apparently B. Hussein can insult the handicapped and the left thinks it's no biggie. After all, he's only the President!

The fact remains that the Left is worse than any external enemy we have ever had, because they have (and exercise daily) the ability to destroy us from within. The plan has 4 years to disassemble America and remake it in the eyes of Obama's racist pastor, his convicted felon friends, and the terrorist Bill Ayers, friend and mentor of Obama for over 20 years.

God, please save America and the free world from this puppet President.

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